Our vision is to give everyone easy access to anything in their city

We are Glovo

We’re a Spanish tech company and the fastest-growing multicategory player in Europe, Western Asia and Africa. With technology at the core of our business, we create innovative solutions by connecting customers, businesses and couriers, whilst making sure we have a sustainable impact on our communities and ecosystems.

25 Countries
61K Monthly couriers
170K Monthly local stores
4.2K Employees
+1,500 cities in 25 countries across the globe

Glovo for impact

We want to have a positive impact on cities, our communities and the environment.

Glovo strives for a socially-responsible and eco-friendly growth model. For us, change comes from within: our internal culture drives impact from the core business. We are an enabler for small business to grow and an opportunity for couriers to generate income in an fast and accesible way. While our technology is free for non-profit causes, we also put it good use to reduce our carbon footprint.



2.4M Solidarity Orders
8,854TN CO2 Emissions Reduced
1,124TN Food Waste Avoided
6M Units Sustainable Packaging Sold


A year in review and trends to look out for in 2023


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Building Community from the Inside Out

Yellow Park, our new HQ is helping to foster our company culture and a sense of community both at the office and in the surrounding neighborhood. Having a positive impact on local communities means understanding what matters most to them. That is why our focus is on enhancing the lives of people in their cities, rather than just being another global corporation.

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Behind the Counter | Ep.6 

In this episode we travel to Tbilisi, Georgia, where Levan and his passion for Georgian gastronomy has led him to open Gunda, a space dedicated to elevating the Khachapuri tradition through quality artisanal techniques and sustainable business practices.