Our vision is to give everyone easy access to anything in their city

We are Glovo

We’re a Spanish tech company and the fastest-growing multicategory player in Europe, Western Asia and Africa. With technology at the core of our business, we create innovative solutions by connecting customers, businesses and couriers, whilst making sure we have a a sustainable impact on our communities and ecosystems: we’re a tech-first, responsible company.

25 Countries
75K Monthly couriers
150K Monthly local stores
3.5K Employees
+1,500 cities in 25 countries across the globe

Glovo is committed

To make a positive impact on society aiming for a socially-responsible and eco-friendly growth model

We’re committed to having a positive impact on our communities and the environment.

We do this by acting as an enabler for couriers and small businesses, using our technology for non-profit causes and reducing our carbon footprint through waste management and sustainable packaging, among other initiatives.

But change must also come from within: our internal culture of impact encourages and offers employees different  opportunities to make an individual contribution to drive positive change in and out of Glovo. .

1.4K solidarity deliveries
1.5K tonnes CO2 emissions reduced
3.3 tonnes food waste avoided
373.6K units sustainable packaging sold
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