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Meet our Crew

We are talented people working together to deliver good vibes

  • Oscar Pierre

    Oscar Pierre

    Co-founder & CEO

  • Sacha Michaud

    Sacha Michaud

    Co-Founder & VP of Global Affairs

  • Arnau Cortés

    Arnau Cortés

    VP of International

  • Carles Rosas

    Carles Rosas

    VP of Operations

  • Edu Ros

    Edu Ros

    VP of Finance

  • Alex Menal

    Alex Menal

    VP of Marketing

  • Cristina de la Rosa

    Cristina de la Rosa

    VP of People

  • Mauricio Gómez

    Mauricio Gómez

    VP of Strategy

  • Daniel Alonso

    Daniel Alonso

    VP of Q-commerce

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