Our Business Model

Glovo App

Food Order your favourite food from the restaurants you love.
Shops The largest shopping center: toys, beauty, fashion, flowers, electronics, sports, etc.
Supermarket Save time and order groceries online from your favourite supermarket. You can receive it right to your doorstep.
Beauty & Care Get anything you need from the closest drugstore in an emergency.
Courier Send something from one place to another. The parcel is collected and delivered wherever you want.
Anything The true essence of our business: order anything you wish as long as it fits in a courier’s bag.

Get literally anything

SuperGlovo Micro Fulfillment Centers

Our supermarkets get you anything in minutes. They are like any supermarket but you have to order online. That way we are giving easy online access to groceries and more products.

Groceries & Retail

You can order from any supermarket and store in your city to your door in no time. From milk, apples, or toilet paper to t-shirts, jewelry or sunglasses. The sky is the limit: you name it!

Glovo Concepts

A new generation of delivery-only food brands to help businesses diversify their offer. We provide the brand, the menu, the ingredients, the marketing, the training and everything else!

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On-demand delivery

Services for businesses to offer their products anywhere in the city. Businesses can customize their operations with multiple pick-up points and several options.

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