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    Businesses can decide whether to sell exclusively through Glovo or not. This means that the type of contract can vary depending on the preferences of the partner.

    Also, requirements to become a partner at Glovo vary depending on the country. More information can be found at Glovo Partners. 



    It is no secret bicycles are our favorite form of transportation. However, not all orders can be delivered by bicycles. This is why we try to onboard couriers using different types of vehicles.

    In some cases, couriers with a certain type of vehicle are onboarded with priority in order to attend the type of orders in a city. Nevertheless, the composition needed varies so expect couriers with bicycles to be onboarded soon. 

    In order to properly manage demand and assure a certain number of orders to all couriers, accounts are deactivated when inactive for more than 28 days. However, accounts can be reactivated at any point by contacting the operations team in each city or country.

    Bear in mind that requirements vary depending on the country you operate in, so we invite you to check Glovo’s Partner website

    In general, all orders in Glovo can be paid by cash but in some cases the cash option is disabled. For example, some partners won’t allow cash payment in a city. Also, in somes cities this is due to preventive actions carried out by the Fraud detection team.

    Every application we receive to deliver with Glovo is reviewed by our Courier Experience team. However, new accounts are activated according to demand in each city. This is to ensure a certain number of orders per courier. So, if you still haven’t received notice on further steps in the activation of our courier account, it is probably because no new couriers are being onboarded right now. However, your application is automatically placed in a waiting list. This means you will be contacted as soon as more couriers are onboarded.

    Yes. When signing up to Glovo’s Courier App to deliver, you can decide the type of vehicule that you are going to use to make deliveries. Most couriers pick between bikes, scooters, motorcycles, cars – some couriers do walking deliveries. In the Delivery website you can check out the requirements to do deliveries in your country. Glovo activates new couriers accounts considering the demand for deliveries and the type of vehicule usually determines such demand. In any case, you will be notified when you can start delivering through Glovo.

    You can update your name, email, phone number, and bank details in your app or through the webapp


    1. Tap “My personal details” at the top left of the home screen

    2. Tap “My information”, then tap “Change my phone number” and enter the update information


    1. Tap “My personal details” at the top right of the home screen

    2. Tap “Edit” on your phone or email address, then tap “save” to your new details

    Find more information about the app here