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STEM Day with Coding Giants

To celebrate STEM Day, we sat down with Kamila Purymska, CEO of Coding Giants, to hear about her background and experiences as a woman working in tech and our combined work of introducing this career path to young girls via free online after school programs.

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Behind the Counter | Ep.2

For the second episode of Behind the counter, we spoke to Stephen, owner of 'Stephen's Hotel' in Kenya. Discover the figure of the kibanda as an intrinsic element of Kenyan culture and how they’re evolving today thanks to delivery opportunities with Glovo.

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The Courier’s Pledge

One year ago, The Courier’s Pledge was first launched in 2 countries with a clear commitment: to set new standards for the couriers’ social rights, ensuring fair earnings and protections to raise their experience to another level. This is a story composed of hundreds of couriers' voices, trial and errors, and a positive impact. Keep reading for more.

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Behind the Counter | Ep. 1

For the first episode of Behind the Counter, we spoke with David, co-founder of Ibiza Poke. A story of entrepreneurship that started in Dubai and landed in Ibiza. Learn how sustainability and adapting to the local landscape turned this local startup into a community icon.