Transparency Report - a glimpse on how Glovo is working to be more transparent


Transparency is part of our company values. Glovo’s business model is often not clear. In the past, this has resulted in misconceptions about different aspects of the company. We saw the gaps in the way Glovo managed its data and information and decided we needed a better corporate transparency strategy. So here we are. 

By explaining Glovo we are shedding light into our industry. The platform economy is a new and fast-moving sector. The fact that the platform economy has not been around for long means that there’s often scarce or not accurate information about it.

Because we want everyone to better understand Glovo and our industry, our north star is to set industry standards by becoming front-runners in corporate transparency

At Glovo, we work on transparency by:

  1. Developing the governance structures and assets that promote transparency
  2. Giving visibility to the topics that matter the most about Glovo and being transparent with our ecosystem
  3. Fostering a global transparency mindset in all teams
Governance structures and assets
Key topics and channels with our ecosystem
Internal transparency mindset

Corporate governance structures and assets

Principles, policies and processes

We count with principles and policies that support transparency. 

The most relevant one is our Global Compliance Program that is based on three principles: corporate responsibility, business relationships and protection of the business. The Global Code of Ethics and Business Conduct is the main guideline to our compliance policy. Glovo also has an Ethics Channel to report ethical risks or incidents or to raise queries about compliance.

Certain processes that foster transparency are also in place. The most important is the drafting and publishing of Glovo’s Financial and non financial report. This is done by an external auditor every year since 2020.   


We work on fostering the right channels with our main stakeholders.

As for employees, Glovo has many dialogue tools with them – Glovoice is our star channel. It is a Glovo’s global employee engagement survey. 

Glovo connects with couriers through regular in-person focus groups, but our main channel of engagement is the Courier Persona Survey. They can fill it in regularly to tell about their experience, preferences and aspirations. Glovo also has a dedicated blog for couriers with all kinds of data about the app. 

As for partner shops and restaurants, Glovo conducts yearly Partner Persona surveys to track their experience and keep up with key pain points. Account Managers are assigned to some partners to ensure fluent communication between them and Glovo. As of 2022, Glovo organizes Partner events to weave a network of partner ambassadors and share information about the company. Likewise Couriers, Partners also count with a dedicated blog where insights and updates are regularly published. 

Last, Glovo also proactively engages  with cities and communities. Establishing local legal entities in all countries where Glovo operates allows us to have a close relationship with local stakeholders like governments and third sector entities.


Some of the characteristics of our organizational structure are also transparency enablers. 

Since 2019, Glovo has worked with an external Committee composed of a small group of independent experts in different fields related to the platform economy. Monthly meetings are held, each on one specific topic.

The goal of these encounters is for the Committee to review Glovo’s major objectives, initiatives and challenges and to provide feedback from an expert standpoint. The value of these sessions for Glovo is to count with an external view in the development and design of key issues for the company. This Committee works mostly on ESG initiatives. For reference, during 2021, the Committee held 12 meetings related to the following topics: Social impact strategy, DIB, Glovo’s labor model, Glovo’s company-wide OKRs, Couriers’ pledge, Algorithmic transparency and Corporate lobbying.


Our approach to day-to-day transparency

Last but not least, Glovo counts with a dedicated Transparency team. Their goal is to make Glovo more transparent both internally and externally and are always after opportunities to better explain the company and carry out bold initiatives. They are available at

One of their main goals is to generate awareness about the fact that everyone at Glovo contributes to making the company more open. To reinforce this transparency premise and embedded it in our culture. 

There are several tools and cultural assets that everyone can rely on to foster transparency. For example, open feedback is encouraged and a pillar of the values that guide our working ways. Our style of internal communication is light and straightforward. We like to keep our communication horizontal and lean and so everyone, no matter if junior staff or executive managers, are accessible for a chat, meeting or email. All of these allow information to flow freely and for everyone to feel owners of what they are working on. This cements openness among colleagues and fosters transparency within Glovo.