Caring together,
adding our bit

Glovo Cares is our corporate volunteering program. It started in November 2018, when we launched the first volunteering activity “Riding for a cause” in which all employees could deliver orders as if they were riders. For each order voluntarily delivered by an employee, Glovo donated 15€ to a local NGO.

Today, in 2021, we’ve decided to expand our program to give the opportunity to all: we want to come together and make an impact in our communities contributing to the causes that are most meaningful to each of us. Through the new volunteering program we aim to increase our sense of belonging to the company and our personal wellbeing.

+150,000€ Total money raised
+10,000 Total orders delivered
776,802 Solidary deliveries
Volunteering backbones
Volunteering backbones Our volunteering program is based on 3 main pillars: social, environment and emergency response – which includes different causes such as human rights, gender equality, forest preservation, wildlife welfare, disaster relief and health crisis.
Volunteering Policy
Volunteering Policy All employees are entitled to volunteer up to 8 working hours per quarter, and of course as many hours as they wish outside working hours.

Thanks to the Alaya platform

We are able to do good by participating in different volunteering activities through the Alaya web: field volunteering, skills volunteering, goods collection, donations and fundraising. We can also participate in purpose challenges and see our impact through the tracking feature.