Glovo House is a springboard that helps accelerate ideas founded by Glovo alumni

Our greatest legacy is our team

We believe Glovo will be remembered for its talent. Nothing makes us prouder than seeing our colleagues succeed on their journey to become entrepreneurs. Glovo House welcomes everyone’s ideas and helps nurture global entrepreneurship ecosystems. We believe the operational experience at Glovo provides a great base to become successful founders and, of course, a great opportunity for investors.


Do you have the drive to create something of your own, to make a change?

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Mentorship Personalized business and legal advice from industry experts and the Glovo team.

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Networking Become part of a community that’s promoted by Glovo and access networking opportunities.

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Visibility Acquire a legitimate “Glovo stamp”. Take advantage of visibility opportunities through Glovo channels.
Funding Access to potential initial capital injection from Glovo employees and external investor network.

The basics to apply

There are a few basic things you cannot miss in your pitch deck. Typically short (10-15 slides), this presentation has to clearly present all the elements of your business idea and capture our attention as well as that of any potential investor. Keep in mind the presentation should be visually appealing, easy to understand, and give confidence on the company's potential to succeed.

Executive Summary

A brief overview of the company, its market opportunity, and its key value proposition.

Problem and Solution

An explanation of the problem that the company is solving, and how its product or service solves that problem.

Market Opportunity

A description of the market size and growth potential for the company’s product or service, including data on market trends and customer segments.

Business Model

An explanation of how the company plans to make money, including details on revenue streams and pricing

Competitive Landscape

A description of the company’s competitors, and how the company differentiates itself from them


An introduction to the company’s management team and key employees, highlighting their relevant experience and qualifications

Financial Projections

A realistic financial forecast of the company’s future performance, including revenue, gross margin, and other key metrics.


The amount of investment you need and how will it be used, a clear call to action.

What investors are looking for

Investing in early stage businesses entails a high risk for investors. Angel investors and venture capitalists tend to look for startups that have an innovative business model, a large addressable market, and a clear unique competitive advantage. Typically they look for a technological component that brings high potential for growth. Or a traditional business model backed by a new tech development. Scalability must be quick, the founding team knowledgeable in the field, and the revenue model solid.