Supporting businesses

Growing their customer-base by reaching more users online and learning about their experiences.

Improving their business offer by accessing our data regarding operations and orders trends.

Saving money and time by benefitting from our investments in online and offline marketing.

Helping them any time every day of the week through our partner-care experts to make sure that operations run smoothly.


24/7 live support

Via chat, email or over the phone, Glovo assists businesses, riders and users throughout every order, including cancellation management.

Payment gateway

Glovo provides payments solutions for businesses both online and offline.

Marketing tools

Glovo sets up marketing campaigns for its business as well as multiple features in app for them to boost sales and visibility. For example special bubbles, recorder button, special offers for Prime users or the possibility to plan orders ahead.

Sales reports

Businesses receive insights generated from Glovo’s operations data.

Intermediary services

Glovo’s operations offer to cover the urban area where a store is located;even the area around cities. Glovo also provides  material such as bags or sustainable packaging through our marketplace “Glovostore”at competitive prices.

Glovo’s fees

Glovo constantly works on delivering solutions that best adapt to each business.
Businesses can decide which services most suit their needs.
Partnership fee

Through this fee, businesses can count with Glovo as their technology partner by having access to the platform to open their online stores to display products.

Courier Access Fee

Through this fee, businesses can count with Glovo as their logistics partner. Glovo acts as an intermediary between a network of riders that will deliver anything to anyone in their city within minutes. This fee is completely allocated to cover the riders’ earnings.