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<p>Supporting businesses</p>

Supporting businesses

Growing their customer-base by reaching more users online and learning about their experiences.

Improving their business offer by accessing our data regarding operations and orders trends.

Saving money and time by benefitting from our investments in online and offline marketing.

Helping them any time every day of the week through our partner-care experts to make sure that operations run smoothly.


<p><strong>24/7 live support</strong></p>

24/7 live support

Via chat, email or over the phone, Glovo assists businesses, riders and users throughout every order, including cancellation management.

More about Jarvis

Algorithms at Glovo
Algorithms at Glovo
We believe in the importance of explaining our technology, how our platform interacts with our users and our algorithmic developments. We use artificial intelligence to achieve efficiency and are always looking to improve. Although Jarvis is the main algorithm on the app, we also use others, including ones focused on logistics, generating of promotional content for businesses, the user experience and product creation.
Algorithmic transparency and approach
Algorithmic transparency and approach
Our model is based on two key principles: non-discrimination and transparency. We have an internal interdisciplinary team that analyzes the best way to apply algorithms and the latest legal changes, as well as an Ethics Committee.