A dedicated Courier Experience team

In every city Glovo has a dedicated Courier Experience team in charge of keeping in touch with couriers, hearing them out and improving their experience with the app.

Did you know..

Fair earnings are ensured thanks to our partnership with WageIndicator, the biggest and best worldwide open source database for living wages and cost of living. 

Couriers earn money for every order they deliver. Earnings are based on a fixed amount per order, payment per kilometer and waiting time. Couriers earn 100% of the tips.  

Couriers are paid for canceled orders. If the courier has arrived at the pick up point and for any reason the client decides to cancel, the courier gets a cancellation compensation; they receive full compensation if they have arrived at the delivery point.

Our commitments

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We focus on providing a functional UX, effective support and transparent information to everyone connecting through Glovo’s app.


We count with diverse channels to ensure communications between Glovo and riders run smoothly. We carry out surveys and monthly meetings, “Couriers Committee”, to know the couriers’ needs and listen to their opinions.


All registered couriers are covered by insurance during the whole time they are connected to the app.


Glovo is committed to act as a trampoline for couriers in order to have a positive impact in their lives, develop their skills and achieve their professional aspirations. Through online courses, vehicle discounts or language courses among others, Glovo has different resources available to couriers in every country.