Know your data

When you sign up to Glovo, you are entrusting us to keep your personal data safe and manage it fairly. Learn the highlights of Glovo’s Privacy Policy. Simple and straightforward: in here we don’t speak legalese

What is Glovo’s Privacy Policy

It describes how Glovo collects and processes personal data from all the different stakeholders as well as their data rights.
This page is a description of Glovo’s Privacy Policy. The full policy can be found here ↓

Know your personal data rights

Exercise your rights through the form below or send an email to

Right of Access

Know what personal data is being processed and how



Right to Rectification

Change your personal data anytime



Right to Erasure

Delete your data from our database



Right to Unsubscribe to any marketing communications

Stop receiving commercial communications from Glovo. 





What do we use data for

Glovo manages your data based on local and EU regulation in a limited number of ways

To provide our services

Including managing payments, assistance using the Glovo app, customer service, and the provision of the equipment and material necessary to provide those services. 

For security purposes

Including preventing malicious or unsafe activities, monitoring fraud, or providing data when requested by any authority, administration, or court.

For statistics and research purposes

Like trend analysis, purchasing behaviour and characteristics, voluntary questionnaires and surveys, competitions, and bespoke communications based on your interests.

For marketing and non marketing purposes

To carry out marketing communications, research and development activities, analyse how to improve our services and provide offers, promotions, and discounts.

For legal purposes

In case of frauds and crimes committed on our app and to comply with legal regulations. 

⛔️ What we don’t do

Share your data with third parties without your consent!

How do we keep your data safe?

Glovo protects your data in a number of ways to avoid its alteration, loss or unauthorised access or processing. Our security levels follow the guidelines provided by the European Commission and other legitimate authorities. Glovo’s Security team keeps checking and updating these on a regular basis!

I am a user

– Registration data and profile information like username, email address, mobile phone number, and delivery address

– Payment information and billing address

– Any additional information that the user wishes to proactively share with us

– Information about communication between the user and the courier

– Information about any incidents or accidents 

While managing an order, some of your personal data like name and address will be visible to: 

– the courier collecting and delivering your order

– the business from where you are ordering 

– our Customer Care service
– the payment platform providers

– service providers that assist with the orders like pharmacies or social media connected by users

I am a courier

– Name and surnames, phone number, and email address

– Drivers licence, Identity Card, passport number or foreign resident’s card, and Social Security number

– Bank and billing information

– Photo for road and public safety, and account fraud prevention,

– Voice (without biometrics) from customer service calls

– Accident insurance processing details

– Own vehicle and vehicle insurance

– Geolocation for the purpose of managing the provision of services and for road safety reasons

– Conversation history with customers

– users who have placed an order
– external advisers and consultants for the pursuit of accounting, labour, tax, insurance, legal and other other activities

– government bodies including tax authorities, social security systems, etc. 

– state security forces, courts, mediation and arbitration bodies, governments for regulatory matters

– external service providers 

– Glovo  companies or third parties in charge of the filing and management of computer data

I am a business

– Registration data and profile information like username, email address, mobile phone number, and delivery address

– Conversation history with Glovo 

In all cases, including partners, Glovo may share data with any public authority that requests it. 

The aim of this website is to advertise and give visibility on the importance of Privacy Policy. In no way does the content of this web replaces or substitues the Privacy Policy. Check Glovo’s Privacy Policy here.