In our words | EU’s directive on improving working conditions in platform work

December 13, 2021

What we hope to see throughout Europe is regulation that recognises the unique benefits and output of the digital economy, whilst maintaining flexibility and enhancing the rights of platform workers.

Glovo has consistently supported collective bargaining rights for independent workers and unified European criteria distinguishing employment and self-employment. We believe that these draft initiatives proposed by the EU represent a positive step forward towards a coordinated set of national policies on platform work. We believe that further clarity will encourage initiatives, such as The Couriers Pledge, which provide a universal set of benefits accessible to all regardless of their employment or work status. Platform work represents essential income for a significant number of people in Europe and we hope that the proposed criteria will regulate the sector to not leave room for discretionary interpretation and limit litigation in the sector.

We look forward to working with the EU institutions to build a fairer platform economy, one with greater governance of working conditions, best labour practices and social rights for all.