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Privacy and Data Protection Policy

Most recent amendment: December 2019


  • Basic Information


First Layer – Basic Data Protection Information
Identity Glovoapp23, S.L. – Corporate Tax Number (CIF): B66362906
Purpose Management and provision of the services requested
Legitimisation Compliance with the contractual relationship, legitimate interest and User consent
Rights The right to access, rectify and erase data, as well as other rights, as explained in the additional information.
Additional Information Additional detailed information on Data Protection can be found in the following sections.
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  • Controller


Identity Glovoapp23, S.L. – Corporate Tax Number (CIF): B66362906
Postal address C/ Pallars 190, 08005, Barcelona
Telephone no. (+34) 932694744
Contact Form

In addition to the information provided above, details of each Glovo Group company can be found in Annex 1 to this Privacy Policy. 

Furthermore, Glovo may share the data of those users (“Users”) who register on the website or app (the “Platform”) and of those persons who contact Glovo using the forms available on its Platform with each of the subsidiaries and companies of the Glovo Group for the purpose of offering the services requested by Users through the Platform.

This privacy policy provides information on the processing of the personal data of our Users, job applicants, social media Users who interact with us and users of the contact form on our website, as provided in the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”).


  • Processing of Data of Users and Persons Who Contact Glovo


3.1 Data Processed

  1. a) Information supplied directly by Users:
  • Registration Data: the information provided by Users when they create an account on the GLOVO Platform: username and e-mail.
  • User Profile Information: the information added by Users on the Platform in order to be able to use the GLOVO service; i.e. their mobile phone number and delivery address. Users can view and edit the personal data on their profile whenever they wish. GLOVO does not store Users’ credit card details, but these are provided to licensed electronic payment service providers, who receive the data included directly and store it in order to facilitate the payment process for Users and to manage it on GLOVO’s behalf. This information is under no circumstances stored on GLOVO’s servers. Users may delete the details of the credit cards linked to their account at any time. This will trigger the service provider to delete the information, which will have to be re-entered or selected in order to place new orders through the Platform. Users may request such providers’ privacy policies at any time.
  • Additional information that Users wish to share: any information that a User could supply to GLOVO for other purposes. Examples include a photograph of the User or the billing address in the case of Users who have asked to receive invoices from GLOVO.
  • Information about previous communications with GLOVO: GLOVO will have access to the information supplied by Users for the resolution of any queries or complaints about the use of the platform, whether through the contact form, by e-mail or by phone through the customer service.
  • Information on accidents involving any of the parties involved in the provision of services through the Platform for the purpose of making insurance claims or carrying out any other actions with the insurance companies contracted by GLOVO.
  • Transcription and recording of conversations held between the USER and GLOVO for the processing of incidents, queries or any other consultations that may be made.
  • Information on Communications between Users and Mandataries: GLOVO will have access to the communications exchanged between Users and the Mandatories that collaborate with the Platform by means of the chat system provided on the Platform.

  1. b) Information indirectly supplied by Users:

 Data arising from the Use of the Platform: GLOVO collects the data arising from Users’ Use of the Platform every time they interact with the Platform.

– Data on the application and the device: GLOVO stores data on the device and the Application used by Users to access the services. This data is:

  • The IP address used by each User to connect to the Internet using his/her computer or mobile phone.
  • Information about his/her computer or mobile phone, such as his/her Internet connection, browser type, version and operating system, and type of device.
  • The full uniform resource locator (URL) Clickstream, including date and time.
  •     Data from the User’s account: information on the orders made by each User, as well as feedback and/or comments made about them by such User.
  • The User’s browsing history and preferences.

– Data arising from the User’s origin: if a User arrives at the GLOVO Platform through an external source (such as a link from another website or a social network), GLOVO collects data on the source from which the GLOVO User arrived.

– Data resulting from the management of incidents: if a User contacts the GLOVO Platform through the Contact Form or on GLOVO’s phone number, GLOVO will collect the messages received in the format used by the User and may use and store them to manage current or future incidents.

– Data arising from “cookies”: GLOVO uses its own and third-party cookies to facilitate browsing by its users and for statistical purposes (see the Cookie Policy).

– Data resulting from external third parties: GLOVO may collect personal data or information from external third parties only if the User authorises such third parties to share that information with GLOVO. For example, if a User creates an account through their Facebook account, Facebook could disclose to us the personal data of that User that can be found on his/her Facebook profile (such as name, gender or age).

Similarly, if a user accesses GLOVO through products and services offered by Google, Google may send the User’s browsing data to GLOVO, with access to the platform through the links created by Google.

The information provided by the external third party may be controlled by the User in accordance with the third party’s own privacy policy.

– Geolocation Data: provided that this has been authorised by Users, GLOVO will collect data relating to their location, including the real-time geographic location of their computer or mobile device.

3.2 Purpose

3.2.1. To use the Glovo Platform

GLOVO uses the data collected from Users to enable them to access and communicate with the GLOVO platform and to provide the services requested by them through their account on the GLOVO Platform, in accordance with the procedure described in the “Terms of Use”.

3.2.2. To send communications

GLOVO uses Users’ personal data to communicate via e-mail and/or send them SMS messages relating to the operation of the service.

GLOVO may send messages to the User’s mobile phone with information relating to the status of the order requested. When the order is completed, GLOVO will send a summary/receipt of the order and price thereof to the User’s e-mail.

3.2.3. To detect and investigate fraud and possible criminal offences

GLOVO also uses the information to research and analyse how to improve the services it provides to Users, as well to develop and improve the features of the service it offers. Internally, GLOVO uses the information for statistical purposes in order to analyse User behaviour and trends, to understand how Users use the GLOVO Platform and to manage and improve the services offered, including the possibility of adding new, different services to the Platform.

GLOVO may monitor all actions that could result in fraud or in the commission of a criminal offence relating to the means of payment employed by users. GLOVO may ask users for a copy of their ID card as well as for certain information on the credit card used to place the order. In any event, all data will be processed by GLOVO for the sole purpose of fulfilling its fraud prevention and monitoring functions, and it shall be stored for as long as its relationship with the user concerned remains in force, and even after this time until the user’s right to make claims or take legal action relating to payment for the products or services ordered through GLOVO has expired. The data relating to the credit card used will be retained until the incident has been resolved and for 120 days thereafter. If any irregularities in its use that could be considered illegal activities are detected, GLOVO reserves the right to retain the data provided and to share it with the competent authorities in order to carry out the relevant investigation. GLOVO may share the data with the authorities based on the legal obligation to prosecute conducts that are contrary to the applicable law.

3.2.4. To ensure security and an appropriate environment for the safe supply of services

GLOVO may use the data in order to ensure the proper use of the products requested on its Platform (e.g. to guarantee pharmaceutical advice or to ensure the delivery is made to persons over the age of 18).

When GLOVO is the intermediary for the collection of Pharmaceutical products, when the User enters the Pharmacy area of the Platform, he/she expressly authorises GLOVO, where applicable, to provide the pharmacist with any personal data that may be necessary to enable the pharmacist responsible for dispensing the product to contact the purchaser, if he/she considers it appropriate, and provide relevant information on the treatment that will result in a correct use of the product and to dispatch it, thus ensuring that Pharmaceutical advice is given. The Pharmacist may not use the data for any other purpose than that of providing the advice needed to provide the service entrusted.

3.2.5. To comply with the legislation and bring and defend legal actions

GLOVO informs the user that conversations with the Mandatary using the chat system may be reviewed and used by GLOVO for the purpose of filing and/or defending any claims and/or legal actions that may be necessary, as well as to manage any incidents arising in connection with orders.

3.2.6. Promotion and commercial offers (on-line and off-line)

GLOVO uses third-party technology integrated in its Platform for the purpose of collecting Users’ data and preferences and using this with CRM systems and advanced technology for the benefit of Users. The following processing will thus be carried out on their data through the information collected:

  • GLOVO may send e-mails with promotional messages and/or offers relating to the service offered by it that may be of interest to Users. Glovo may gauge and personalise such advertising in accordance with its Users’ preferences. If a Glovo User does not wish to receive this information and/or commercial communications, he/she may at any time opt to “Unsubscribe” in the e-mail, and GLOVO will immediately stop sending the aforementioned information.
  • GLOVO may also send Users messages and/or offers relating to such services through “push” notifications consisting of sending such promotional messages and/or offers to their mobile phones. If a GLOVO User does not wish to receive the commercial communications described in this clause and in 3.1 above, he/she may remove them all by disabling them with a single click in the privacy preferences of his/her profile.
  • GLOVO and/or the third parties associated with Glovo may use the order delivery address entered by the User for the purpose of carrying out promotional activities for the delivery of samples or free products of the service related to GLOVO which may be of interest to the User (e.g. home delivery of free samples or advertising brochures) at the same time as delivering the order.
  • As a result of using the Glovo Platform, Users may also receive commercial communications from third parties associated with the Platform, such as Facebook and Google, all this in accordance with the privacy preferences set by each User on the said Platforms.

Users may use their privacy management centre to unsubscribe from online marketing services or to close their account if they do not wish to receive samples with their Glovo orders.

3.2.7. For statistical and service analysis purposes

GLOVO uses the information for statistical purposes in order to analyse User behaviour and trends, to understand how Users use the GLOVO Platform and to manage and improve the services offered, including the possibility of adding new, different services to the Platform.

GLOVO also uses the information to research and analyse how to improve the services it provides to Users, as well as to develop and improve the features of the service it offers.

GLOVO also processes User’s statistics based on the Users Personal data in order to assist Users in their decisions and use of the service, including the possibility to quickly reorder from the stores where Users have ordered in the past or suggest Users stores based on their past orders or “popularity” among new users. Additionally, GLOVO could assist Users in their decisions through automatically determined filters by the historical order Users have placed in the past.

3.2.8. To ensure security and an appropriate environment for the safe supply of services

GLOVO may use the data in order to ensure the proper use of the products requested on its Platform (e.g. to guarantee pharmaceutical advice or to ensure the delivery is made to persons over the age of 18).

3.2.9. To process incidents and claims with insurance companies

If a User contacts GLOVO to report the occurrence of any damage or unforeseen event that may be covered by GLOVO’s insurance policy, GLOVO shall process all data relating to the incident for the purpose of handling and responding to requests.

3.3 Legal Basis of Processing

Users’ data is processed in accordance with the following legal bases:

  • To perform the contractual relationship following Users’ registration on the Platform (for example, processing their data to deliver an order placed).
  • On the basis of our own legitimate interest (such as monitoring for the prevention of fraud through the Platform).
  •  To fulfil our legal obligations (such as when competent authorities request data in connection with court investigations and/or with the filing of the necessary actions to protect GLOVO’s interests.
  • Express consent for the disclosure of users’ data to third parties for the purpose of making commercial communications.

3.4 Recipients of the Data

GLOVO warrants that all commercial partners, technicians, suppliers or independent third parties are bound by contractually binding promises to process the information shared with them in accordance with GLOVO’s indications, this Privacy Policy and the applicable data protection legislation. We will not disclose your personal data to any third party who does not act under our instructions, and no communication will involve selling, renting, sharing or in any other way revealing customers’ personal information for commercial purposes in breach of the commitments made in this Privacy Policy.

3.4.1. When carrying out an order, data may be shared with:

  • The Mandatory who carries out the task of collecting and delivering the product.
  • The establishment or venue in charge of selling the product, if the User has requested the purchase of a product. If a User contacts the above-mentioned providers directly and gives them his/her data directly, GLOVO will not be responsible for the providers’ use of such data.
  • The Customer Care Services contracted by Glovo for the purpose of warning the User of any possible incidents or asking why negative feedback has been given for the service. GLOVO may use the data provided in order to manage any incidents that may occur during the provision of the services.
  • The payment Platform and payment service providers so that the amount can be charged to the User’s account.
  • Telecommunications service providers, when they are used to send communications regarding orders or incidents relating to orders.
  • Providers rendering satisfaction survey services on GLOVO’s behalf.

3.4.2. Sharing User data with third parties

In order to continue providing the services offered through the Platform, GLOVO may share certain personal data of Users with:

  • Service providers: GLOVO’s third-party service providers that send parcels, carry out orders and/or resolve incidents with deliveries will have access to Users’ personal information as may be necessary to carry out their functions, but they may not use it for any other purposes. They must process the said personal information as provided in this Privacy Policy and in the applicable data protection legislation.
  • E-invoicing service providers: GLOVO may share User data with electronic invoicing service providers in order to send the respective invoices.
  • Pharmacies: GLOVO may provide a User’s name and phone number to pharmacists dispensing products to those Users in order to ensure the provision of pharmaceutical advice in accordance with the current applicable legislation.
  • Payment Service Providers: When a User enters his/her card number on the Glovo Platform, this is stored directly by the Payment Platforms contracted by GLOVO, which will allow payment to be charged to the User’s account. Payment service providers have been chosen based on their security measures and in any event complying with the security measures stipulated in the payment service legislation, and they are PC1 Compliant under the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard or PCI DSS.  GLOVO does not store such data in any event.
  • Service providers for fraud control purposes: GLOVO will share Users’ data with fraud control service providers to assess the risk of the transactions carried out.
  • Service providers for the anonymisation of some data: In order to prevent the misuse of Users’ data by third-party service providers, GLOVO may disclose Users’ data for the purpose of anonymising it so that it can be used solely for the provision of the service to Users. For example, GLOVO may assign Users’ telephone numbers to third parties in order to anonymise them and provide them in this format to the providers used to carry out the services contracted by Users.
  • Security companies and Law Enforcement Forces and Agencies: GLOVO may disclose personal information and data on its customers’ accounts if it believes that such disclosure is necessary to comply with the law, to enforce or apply the “Terms of Use” or to protect GLOVO’s, its users’ or third parties’ rights, property or safety. The above therefore includes the exchange of information with other companies and organisations as well as with Law Enforcement Forces and Agencies to protect against fraud and reduce credit risk. After being required to do so by law, GLOVO may share information with bodies of executive authorities and/or third parties in relation to requests for information relating to criminal investigations and alleged illegal activities.
  • Call centre and incident management services: In order to provide a Customer Service and call centres, actions to measure Users’ degree of satisfaction and the provision of administrative support services, GLOVO may disclose Users’ data to companies located outside the EEA, provided it is authorised to do so and the security requirements mentioned in the preceding section have been met.
  • Telecommunications services: In order to be able to provide Users with telephone contact services, GLOVO may contact telecommunications companies that provide secure lines and systems for the purpose of contacting Users.
  • Companies in the GLOVO group: In order to be able to provide its services, GLOVO may transfer certain personal data of Users to subsidiaries, based on the geographical area from which users request our services. Users are hereby informed that, when they register on the Platform from any country in which GLOVO operates, their data will be stored on GLOVO’s database, which is located in Ireland and belongs to the Spanish company GLOVO. In the case of subsidiaries located outside the EEA, the data will be transferred, using the systems established by the European Commission and the GDPR, to countries with an appropriate personal data protection level or through contracts approved by the European Commission establishing and guaranteeing the rights of data subjects.
  • Social media connected by Users: If a User connects his/her GLOVO account to other social media or to a third-party platform, GLOVO may use the information provided to such social media or third party, provided that it has been made available to GLOVO in compliance with the privacy policy of the social media or third-party platform in question.
  • Third parties associated with GLOVO for the purposes of commercial communications: Glovo may, with a User’s express consent, transfer his/her personal data to third parties associated with Glovo, provided that the User has given his/her express informed and unequivocal consent to such transfer of data and is aware of the purpose and recipient of such transfer.
  • Changes of ownership: If GLOVO’s ownership changes or the majority of its assets are acquired by a third party, Users are informed that GLOVO will transfer their data to the acquiring organisations in order to continue to provide the services subject to the processing of data. The new file controller will inform Users of its identification data. GLOVO states that it will comply with its duty of information to the relevant Supervisory Authority in the event of such circumstances arising, and it shall inform Users of the change of file controller if and when this happens. This processing shall be carried out under the contract entered into with GLOVO.
  • Insurance companies: Glovo may provide users’ data to those insurers and insurance brokers with which it has an agreement in place for the management and processing of claims and losses arising from the activity carried out by Glovo and the parties that collaborate with it.

GLOVO Users’ data will not be disclosed to any third parties unless: (i) this is necessary in order to provide the services requested if GLOVO is collaborating with third parties; (ii) if GLOVO has the User’s express and unambiguous authorisation; (iii) where this has been requested by a competent authority pursuant to its functions (in order to investigate, prevent or take action in relation to illegal actions); or (iv) finally, where required by law.


3.5. Processing the Data of Job Applicants who Contact Glovo Using the Forms in the Glovo Jobs Section

These provisions shall apply to those persons who contact GLOVO through its website for the purpose of applying for an available position (“Applicants”).

3.5.1. Controller

Identity Glovoapp23, S.L. – Corporate Tax Number (CIF): B66362906
Postal address C/ Pallars, 190, 08005, Barcelona
Telephone no. (+34) 932694744
Contact e-mail address

3.5.2. Purpose

To consider the Applicant’s present or future suitability for any of the positions available at GLOVO.

In addition, GLOVO shall process the Applicant’s data for the purpose of conducting any interviews it may deem necessary for the position, test the Applicant’s knowledge, contact companies for which he/she has previously worked, check references, and assess the Applicant’s skills and abilities in general.

3.5.3. Legal Basis for Processing

Before submitting their application, Applicants must consent to the processing of their data, expressly agreeing to everything set forth in this Privacy Policy. GLOVO may also process their data for the purpose of considering the possibility of establishing a contractual relationship and in view of the fact that such consideration was requested by the Applicants themselves.

3.5.4. Recipients of the Data

An Applicant’s data may be accessed by technology service providers and platforms contracted by GLOVO for the purpose of managing its recruitment processes. An example of these is Greenhouse Software, Inc., which is located in the United States of America and has been contracted by GLOVO to manage its recruitment tasks and contracting processes. This means that the personal data of Applicants located outside the United States will be transferred to the United States. Since the EU Commission has decided that US data privacy laws do not provide an adequate level of protection for personal data, the transfer will be subject to appropriate additional safeguards in accordance with standard contractual terms and/or the Privacy Shield scheme. At the same time, the Applicant’s data will be stored on Google, Inc. and on the servers of Amazon Web Services, which will act as processors and which are in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation, and GLOVO has a written agreement with each of them.

Depending on the position for which the Applicant is applying, his or her personal information may be transferred to other GLOVO group companies for the purpose of assessing his/her application for the relevant country.

3.5.5. Retention of Data

The Applicant’s data will be retained for the duration of the selection process and, if the Applicant is not selected, for three (3) years following the end of such process, and the Applicant may exercise any of the rights set forth in Clause 4 of this privacy policy at any time.


3.6. International Data Transfers

When choosing service providers, GLOVO may transfer users’ data outside the borders of the European Economic Area. In such cases, GLOVO will ensure before sending the data that such service providers are in compliance with the minimum security standards established by the European Commission and that they always process the data in accordance with GLOVO’s instructions. GLOVO may have a contractual relationship with them under which the service providers agree to comply with GLOVO’s instructions and to put in place the necessary security measures to protect Users’ data.

3.7. Retention Periods

Users’ data will be retained during the performance and maintenance of the contractual relationship; i.e. for as long as they are GLOVO Users or until they exercise their right to restrict the processing of their data.

Once a User has cancelled his or her registration with the Platform, GLOVO will keep his or her data for the time established in the tax, health, criminal and any other legislation that may apply, for the purpose of filing and defending any actions to which GLOVO may be a party. GLOVO will in any event block Users’ data so that it can only be consulted if an action has to be filed or defended in connection with it.

Specifically but without excluding any other legislation that may apply, the data will be retained following termination by the User as provided in the table in Annex II.

Regarding anonymous information, GLOVO will apply everything set forth in Recital 26 of the GDPR, according to which “The principles of data protection should therefore not apply to anonymous information, namely information which does not relate to an identified or identifiable natural person or to personal data rendered anonymous in such a manner that the data subject is not or no longer identifiableThis Regulation does not therefore concern the processing of such anonymous information, including for statistical or research purposes.”


3.8. Profiling and decision making

GLOVO does not adopt any decision that could affect User significantly based solely on automated processing of User’s data (for example, reordering from the stores where Users have ordered in the past). The only decision-making processes of GLOVO are conducted by applying human intervention.

When using the application, GLOVO classifies Users based on the information provided by them about their usage of the application to adapt it to their needs and to improve it. The classification is conducted by solely using first party data. GLOVO use information that Users provide GLOVO, such as their historical orders and popularity among new users to suggest similar stores that could be of Users’ interest.


  • Exercise of Rights


Users may exercise their rights free of charge at any time using the form available on the Platform. They may also exercise their rights by sending an e-mail to the following e-mail address: The e-mail must specify which right they wish to exercise, as well as, where applicable, the identifying data registered on the Platform. We will contact the User if we need additional data to that provided in order to verify his or her identity.

You may exercise the following rights vis-à-vis GLOVO:

  • The right of access to your personal data in order to know which data is being processed and the processing operations carried out thereon;
  • The right to correct any inaccuracies in relation to your personal data;
  • The right to the erasure of your personal data, where possible;
  • The right to request the restriction of processing of your personal data when the accuracy, legality or need for processing of the data is in question, in which case we may retain the data for the purpose of filing or defending claims.
  • The right to object to the processing of your data in order to resolve any query you may have raised with us through the contact form, and the right to object to the processing of your data on social media and/or for the purpose of processing your CV. In addition, you may withdraw your consent to the receipt of commercial communications at any time, through the Platform User profile, either by sending an e-mail or by using the link provided for this purpose in every commercial communication. You can also object to profiling at any time through the Platform User profile or by sending an e-mail.

If you believe that GLOVO is in breach of data protection law, please do not hesitate to contact us at the e-mail address telling us what you consider to be the case, so that we can resolve the problem as soon as possible. In any event, you may also report it to the Spanish Data Protection Agency (Agencia Española de Protección de Datos) and file a claim with the said body for the protection of your rights.


  • Security Measures


GLOVO has taken the necessary steps recommended by the European Commission and the competent authority to maintain the required security level, according to the nature of the personal data processed and the circumstances of the processing, in order to avoid, to the extent possible and always in accordance with the state of the art, its alteration, loss or unauthorised access or processing. As mentioned above, the personal data supplied will not be disclosed to third parties without the data subject’s prior authorisation.


  • Notifications and Modifications


As stated above, all Users have the right to access, update and erase their data, as well as object to its processing. You may exercise these rights, or make any enquiries in relation to GLOVO’s Privacy Policy, through the Contact Form.

Due to the constant evolution of GLOVO’s activities, this Privacy Policy, the Cookie Policy and the Terms of Use are also subject to change. GLOVO will send Users notifications about substantial changes and modifications to such documents by e-mail or through any other method that ensures their receipt. In any case, GLOVO will in no event modify its policies or practices to make them less effective in the protection of our customers’ previously stored personal data.

In the event of discrepancies between the translations and the Spanish version of this document, the Spanish version will prevail.


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Tax Identification Number (NIF) or other tax number 53703324719
Registered address Cocody Ambassades – Rue Viviane, 08 BP 2815 Abidjan 08, Côte d’Ivoire


3 YEARS The limitation periods for infringements are: Spanish Organic Data Protection Law (LOPD)
– Very serious infringements: after 3 years.
– Serious infringements: after 2 years.
– Minor infringements: after 1 year.
5 YEARS Personal actions of any kind without a specific limitation period established from the moment when the obligation becomes enforceable, taking into account that, in the case of ongoing positive or negative obligations, the period will start running again every time they are infringed. Article 1962 of the Spanish Civil Code (Código Civil)
6 YEARS For commercial purposes: books, correspondence, documentation and supporting documents relating to their business, duly ordered, from the last entry in the books, save as may be established by general or special provisions. Art. 30 of the Royal Decree of 22 August 1885 publishing the Civil Code.
This commercial obligation applies to both compulsory books (income, expenses, investment goods and provisions), as well as the documentation and documentary evidence of the entries contained in the books (invoices issued and received, vouchers, amendment invoices, bank documents, etc.).
4 YEARS For tax purposes: accounting books and other compulsory record books pursuant to the applicable tax legislation (personal income tax, VAT, corporation tax, etc.), as well as documentary evidence justifying the entries in the books (including software and computer files and any other documentary evidence that is relevant for tax purposes) must be retained at least for the period during which the tax authorities are entitled to verify and investigate and, therefore, assess and inform of, the tax owed. Section 3 (Limitation Periods), Arts. 66 to 70 of Law 58/2003 of 17 December 2003, the General Taxation Law (Ley General Tributaria).
3 YEARS Claims to enforce performance of the service as a result of non-conformity with the contract are subject to a limitation period of three years after the delivery of the product. Article 123.4 of Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007 of 16 November 2007 approving the consolidated text of the General User and Consumer Defence Law (Ley General para la Defensa de los Consumidores y Usuarios) and other additional laws.
3 YEARS The limitation periods for infringements are: Article 45 of Law 34/2002 of 11 July 2002 on E-Commerce and Information Society Services (Ley de Servicios de la Sociedad de la Información y el Comercio Electrónico)
– Very serious infringements: after 3 years.
– Serious infringements: after 2 years.
– Minor infringements: after 6 months.
10 YEARS Documents formalising compliance with the obligations provided by law. The filing systems of regulated parties must ensure the proper management and availability of documentation both for internal control purposes and for the purpose of responding to requests from the authorities in a proper and timely manner.

Article 25 of Law 10/2010 of 28 April 2010 on the prevention of money laundering and the financing of terrorism (Ley de prevención del blanqueo de capitales y de la financiación del terrorismo).