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International Equal Pay Day
Life at GlovoSocial Impact
Uplifting Women in the Workplace

International Equal Pay Day serves as a poignant reminder of the gender pay gap that continues to persist worldwide. It's a day to reflect on the importance of uplifting women in the workplace and to highlight the importance of not only supporting, but championing gender equality in the workplace.

Life at Glovo
Building Community from the Inside Out

Yellow Park, our new HQ is helping to foster our company culture and a sense of community both at the office and in the surrounding neighborhood. Having a positive impact on local communities means understanding what matters most to them. That is why our focus is on enhancing the lives of people in their cities, rather than just being another global corporation.

Ask Glovo
Life at Glovo
AskGlovo. A step towards transparency

We believe that fostering transparency will make us a better company. Internally this has been so since day one and now we are on a path to being even more so on the outside. AskGlovo is a tool to publicly answer the most pressing questions about Glovo and the platform economy.

BusinessLife at Glovo
A Journey into Tech

To celebrate National Techies Day, we sat down with Glovo Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Narek Verdian, to ask him for advice on starting a career in tech. Keep reading to find out how he got his start, where he believes the future of tech is headed, and what that means for Glovo.