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Reflecting on Two Years of The Couriers Pledge

As we commemorate the second anniversary of The Couriers Pledge at Glovo, it's a time for reflection and gratitude. Launched in October 2021, this program has been a significant part of our journey, aiming to provide support and empowerment to the couriers who play a crucial role in our service.

International Equal Pay Day
Life at GlovoSocial Impact
Uplifting Women in the Workplace

International Equal Pay Day serves as a poignant reminder of the gender pay gap that continues to persist worldwide. It's a day to reflect on the importance of uplifting women in the workplace and to highlight the importance of not only supporting, but championing gender equality in the workplace.

Social Impact
The Labor Insertion Project

We have consistently strived to use our tech for good and with that, we have embarked on a mission to uplift individuals and give people from underprivileged backgrounds access to job opportunities in Spain through The Labor Insertion Project.

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Behind the Counter | Ep.8 

In June we celebrated International Sushi Day with Kibuka in the spotlight at Behind The Counter. Their story is that of pioneers in Barcelona who have been committed to quality and local adaptation of the product as well as delivery since their beginnings.

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The Glovo Green Deal

As an impact-driven company, we’ve invested significant efforts in sustainable business practices across our entire value chain. Keep reading to learn more about the 5 Science Based Targets initiative-backed key areas where we’re using our tech for good in the hopes of a better tomorrow.

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Behind the Counter | Ep. 7

In Romania, we meet one of Europe's current pastry icons, someone who had to learn everything abroad to return to his country and find his roots. Glovo's SMEs booster campaign has helped him in the visibility and digitalisation of his business.