Delivering more than Expected

Christina Gama
Christina Gama
November 14, 2022 • 4 minutes

The story of Glovo is the story of entrepreneurship. In 2015, Glovo CEO and Co-founder, Oscar Pierre, started his enterprise with the simple idea to give everyone easy access to anything in their city. Fueled by the drive to break conventions, to leave behind the corporate way of doing things, and to build something that had not been done before, he ended up creating one of the world’s leading multi-category players, not without its own ups and downs over the years.

Today, we stand strong with more than 4,000 employees in 25 countries and the same entrepreneurial spirit that led Glovo to where it is today remains deeply rooted in everyday operations and is still one of our most important values. With the same drive that he started the company with, Oscar has made it his personal mission to enable others across the business to reach their full potential by helping startups grow and by supporting founders to succeed with their ideas. To make this entrepreneurial promise a reality, we’ve initiated a number of programs and measures to support employees, couriers, and partners in their endeavors. To date, former Glovo employees have already created +20 startups and raised +23€M

This mindset also extends to our collaborating couriers. Through the Courier’s Pledge, we’ve committed to setting new standards for couriers’ social rights while ensuring fair earnings and protections to raise their experience to another level. We truly believe that no one should be a courier forever and have provided a platform, through G-learning and other opportunities, for aspiring couriers to chase their entrepreneurial dreams.


From delivering donuts to selling them

Meet Youssef Chafik, who, after his initial experience as a Courier, decided that he was ready to open his very own restaurant in Casablanca, Morocco. 


Youssef in his kitchen preparing food for his restaurant

Youssef initially began his career as an engine repair technician but after 6 months working in the field, realized that he wanted to explore further opportunities. After taking a job as a store manager while continuing to repair electronics on the side, he says, “I enjoyed having a certain freedom while working in a flexible, ”be my own boss” way. That’s why I decided to deliver with Glovo, after everything I heard about choosing my own schedule and having control over my earnings, I couldn’t miss the chance of having such benefits while continuing to learn and grow as an entrepreneur.”

“While being a Glovo courier,” says Youssef, “I took the opportunity to discover the different sides of the business while delivering, through my interactions with partners and customers, I came to the conclusion that although the demand for donuts in a certain area was very high, there was no store to cover this demand. This is why I seized the opportunity and created ”My Donuts” 7 months ago, a store specialized in sweet treats and donuts. I was surprised that since the first day of opening my store in the Glovo App i started receiving orders, this was the proof that my hard work had its results and made me want to achieve more and have other ambitions for my donut store.”


Handmade donuts from Youssef’s shop, My Donuts

After 7 successful months as a dual Glovo partner and courier, Youssef had the opportunity to meet Oscar in person with a recent visit to our Morocco office for its 4 year anniversary. He remembers, “I have a great memory meeting with Oscar and I didn’t feel the pressure of having a CEO taking a ride with me to deliver orders. He was very curious to know more about the daily life of a Moroccan courier and I felt like I can learn a lot from him and his experience.”


Youssef and Oscar out for deliveries in Casablanca, Morocco