Everything you ever wanted to know about Glovo

April 5, 2020 • 3 minutes

What can you order? How does the relationship between Glovo and the stores work? And the couriers? How does the algorithm work?

What is Glovo exactly? Glovo is an app which connects three pillars: businesses, that put a list of their products on the app, consumers, who order whatever they want through the app, and couriers, who picks up orders at stores and brings it to your door in less than 30 minutes.  Technology means that this relationship can work as well and as efficiently as possible.

What can you order? Anything you want. On Glovo you’ll find restaurants, florists, supermarkets, jewellers, electrical shops and more.

How does the Glovo platform work? Every few seconds, the Glovo algorithm looks at all the new orders in the city and all the available couriers, and calculates the optimum order-courier assignment so that the consumer receives their order as quickly as possible. Glovo’s algorithm is called Jarvis. If you want to find out more about Jarvis, you can read about it here.

What is Glovo’s relationship with businesses like? At Glovo, we call the businesses we work with partners. That’s because without them, the platform would make no sense. The whole wide range of products that users can access comes from our partners. They are all local businesses, and 97% of them are small businesses. To make sure that the full home delivery process works smoothly and orders reach customers, businesses agree on a commission on products sold through the platform with Glovo. You can read more about how we coordinate things here.

What is Glovo’s relationship with couriers like? Couriers are professionals that collaborate with the platform how and when they choose. Whether it’s just a few hours a week or various days, they do it in a flexible way, through an app on their phone. Anyone with a bike, motorbike or car can become a Glovo courier. You can read more about our relationship with couriers here.

What is Glovo’s relationship with consumers like? Consumers are people that have the Glovo app downloaded to their mobile, or access it through the webapp, to order the best products in their city and get them at home or office in a matter of minutes.

How do Glovo’s sums work? On the one hand, the user pays a fee so that the product they’ve ordered reaches them. On the other hand, for each of the products sold via the platform, Glovo agrees on a commission with businesses. The sum of these two payments serves to cover the total costs of the courier’s services. The remaining amount is dedicated to technological development and operation of the platform, customer service, the partners team, the operations team, etc.