Glovo App 2023: Top 5 Upgrades Redefining User Experience

Christina Gama
Christina Gama
December 4, 2023 • 3 minutes

2023 was a big year for tech. With AI taking over social and revolutionizing working models, some experts believe that we may be at the beginning of a tech boom, akin to the dotcom and blockchain booms. 

As we adapt to new ways of working and look for ways to integrate AI solutions into our own app, we’re taking a look back on the past year for the top 5 Glovo app upgrades in the past year. From improvements in UX and better buying experiences for customers, these are our Top 5.

5. Double Glovo Discovery

While many of our customers may recognize Glovo as a trusted app for prepared meals, some customers may not be aware that they can also order groceries through our app. 

A fascinating trend we’ve observed is that some users place grocery orders within an hour of their food order. This behavior suggests various user needs, such as adding missing items, complementing the original order, or placing a fill-up grocery order. While this Double Glovo feature is still in its early stages, we anticipate it evolving into a handy reminder tool for our users.

4.Updated Glovo Prime Subscription  

We’ve streamlined Glovo Prime subscriptions which means no more monthly renewals for our users! Now, Glovo users can enjoy quarterly and annual subscription options – sign up once and enjoy seamless, automatic monthly payments at reduced rates. 

Glovo Prime brings users exclusive perks like discounts, waived delivery fees, and access to exclusive content. Now users can elevate their Glovo journey with a Prime subscription that simplifies savings and convenience. 

3. Tipping Improvements for Couriers

In June, we explored how to further improve the Courier experience. In addition to the fair hourly earnings guaranteed by the Courier’s Pledge, tipping is a friction-less way to increase courier earnings. This new feature lets customers tip a percentage of their total order rather than a fixed value ie. 1€, 2€,etc and also allow customers to save their last tip and auto select in every order. Since the implementation of this UX improvement, we’ve seen an overall increase of over 40% in tips, estimated at more than 9M€ increase in tips yearly.

2. New Grocery Store Wall

As a multi-category app, our vision is to give everyone easy access to anything in their city. To achieve this goal, both customers and partners need to have access to real-time offerings within the app and our app needs to have dynamic category pages.

To make the Grocery Store wall more flexible and adaptive to the ever-changing inventory cycle of this category of shop, we’ve improved the architecture for the store wall by building something that is: modular, customizable, and backend driven.

1. Glovo Island Feature

Back in September, we rolled out a seamless way to track your orders in real time, right on your lock screen.

The new Glovo Island feature ensures that every iPhone user can enjoy live order activity right on their lock screen. For the iPhone 14 Pro owners and above, they have constant access to this live activity, perfectly nestled on the Dynamic Island. Whether juggling other apps or simply checking your home screen, the status of your Glovo order is always there with you.