Glovo Local | Support for Local Businesses

June 6, 2020 • 2 minutes

Glovo Local is a campaign created to help local businesses to restart their operations and continue growing after the crisis caused by COVID-19. Through this initiative, we’re also aiming to reinforce our commitment to small and medium-sized businesses.

At Glovo, we’ve always been supporters of local businesses. About the 90% of our Partners are small or medium-sized companies: restaurants, florists, wine cellars, butchers and gift shops, amongst others. We believe that, during this time, with the economy recovering and commercial activities restarting, we have to be present and offer added value to our Partners, through our support and help.

This campaign aims to help our smallest Partners start operating again. It also aims to help those already operating to keep going and reach as many clients as easily as possible. In times of queues and social distancing, delivery isn’t just an opportunity, but a sales channel that will allow many to survive.

The actions that will come under the framework of this initiative are:

  1. We’ve introduced a pick-up option, so that businesses can increase their orders and promoting for users to get to know first-hand the businesses
  2. Through our Glovo Store, we’re offering special prices for the purchase of packaging and other materials
  3. Increasing the visibility of small businesses and newly-opened restaurants to customers
  4. Promoting through the app that customers know which of our partners are local businesses, encouraging the purchase
  5. Introducing the possibility of placing orders through Instagram
  6. Holding online seminars that offer tools and knowledge to help deal with this situation successfully and get the most out of the platform
  7. Collaborating with companies and organisations to offer better conditions, promotions and visibility for new business opportunities.

With this, we aim to do our bit in this complex times, supporting the most affected among the retail ecosystem.