Glovo & Visa Coming together for Beneficiaries of Catharsis

April 4, 2020 · 2 min

Georgia.- During these challenging times, Glovo and Visa have teamed up to help the most vulnerable members of our society: elderly people. For every Glovo order paid for with a Visa card, Visa will double the delivery fee total. Glovo will deliver free food to local NGO Catharsis beneficiaries, who are elderly people in self-isolation.

The partnership between Glovo and Visa has helped people who are at the greatest risk.  During self-isolation, food delivery has helped the elderly to adapt to the new daily routine and protect themselves from exposure to the disease.

Beneficiaries of catharsis express their gratitude:

I’m exhausted. I’m not a little girl anymore you see… I’m probably older than most of the bricks in Tbilisi. I had a pretty rough childhood, living in poverty. There even were days when we had only tea and bread as food.  Now, because of Catharsis, I was able to have a nice meal, but due to this virus I’m not able to go outside anymore:  it will kill you – they said. I’m scared. I don’t know why these people are doing it, but these young fellows come to my house with their noisy bikes every day and bring food. Bless them. I’m so thankful. God bless these fellows” Lali, 74 years old.

“I remember how it was during the war, it was difficult. There are only 3 friends left in my life, I used to meet all of them at the Catharsis. Gakharia [referring to the prime minister of Georgia] said: don’t go outside, stay home. But who’s going to visit me? With the help of these young girls and boys, I no longer have to go outside. They come to my door with huge yellow bags full of food. I have even invited one of them in once but they said it’s better for my health to keep a distance. For this reason, my heart is full of love. Hopefully, this too shall pass and I will see my friend agains.” Valiko, 83 years old

From 21st March onwards, Visa and Glovo have already delivered free food to more than 400 beneficiaries.  Glovo is delivering dinner to up to 80 beneficiaries every day (including weekends).