Mastercard & Glovo Charity Project

April 5, 2020 • 1 minutes

The Patients of Ukraine Charitable Foundation launched an initiative to help doctors fight COVID-19. The team coordinates fundraising, procurement and distribution of the necessary among hospitals throughout Ukraine. In particular, they raise money for the purchase of personal protective equipment for doctors, mechanical ventilation devices, portable x-rays, as well as PCR test systems.

Glovo in collaboration with Mastercard joined this initiative to help the medical community in Ukraine to beat the COVID-19 in Ukraine.

From April 8 to 22, from each Glovo order paid by Mastercard, part of the funds will be transferred to the Patients of Ukraine charity foundation. We collected 600,000 hryvnias, for which the fund will purchase the necessary personal protective equipment for doctors: respirators, protective suits, glasses, and gloves.