Order boom in Italy in 2019 (+ 247 % compared with 2018)

January 1, 2020 · 1 min

Italy.- Italians trust home delivery servics, not just for meals, but for all of their basic needs. According to the 2019 Glovo Delivery Report (5000 associated Partners in more than 100 Italian cities), deliveries through the application increased by 247% from 2018 to 2019.

And, the pharmacy service is ever more valued by users. The most ordered pharmacy products are: paracetamol (almost 20% of the total orders in this category), nasal sprays and pregnancy tests. Italians mums and dads are also big Glovo fans. Amongst the most interesting orders placed last year were: delivery to a nursery of a bib with a child’s name on, a last-minute birthday cake with a candle in the shape of a five, and a pair of classic dance shoes.

In the food category, the burger tops the list of the most-ordered foods, followed by pizza and sushi. Poke, takes fourth place, confirming the growing trend for it in Italy. However, there are differences between cities: in Milan, the type of food that has grown the most is vegan (+4455% from 2018), whilst, in Rome, Asian food is growing fastest. On a national level, the three types of food that have grown the most are vegetarian (+ 2550 %), North American (+ 1703 %) and Japonese (+ 1576 %). For supermarket orders, Italians used Glovo for “last-minute essentials” and mainly buy products like mineral water, coffee, eggs and fruit).