Our pillars: businesses

May 5, 2020 · 1 min

At Glovo we call businesses Partners. That’s because, without them, the platform would make no sense: the whole wide range of products that users can get comes from our Partners.  They are all businesses from your city, and 97% of them are small businesses. Globally, we have more than 25 thousand associated businesses and 6.8M users that can buy our partners’ products through the app.

To make sure that the full home delivery process works smoothly and deliveries reach consumers, businesses agree on a Glovo commission on products sold through the platform.  Here’s how it works:

What does this commission cover?

If the restaurant fully manages its own deliveries, it covers the website costs, user acquisition (marketing), visibility, order management and delivery costs.

If the restaurant has their own delivery people and transport and engages our services in order to appear on our app (which we call marketplace), the commission agreed covers the costs associated with the website or app that provides visibility, order management and user acquisition or marketing.

Finally, in the case of digital delivery platforms, the commission agreed with Glovo means we assume all of the associated costs: from marketing to the development of the technological platform, including order management, customer service and courier payment. This is the case in the majority of Glovo’s commercial agreements.