“Safe Riders”: the road safety project for italian couriers

January 1, 2020 · 1 min

Italy .-  In January 2020 Glovo signed a deal with FIAB(Italian Federation Environment & Bike) in the city of Milan. This partnership is aimed at promoting road safety best practices among the community of couriers who deliver with the platform, strengthening their awareness of the importance of being cautious while riding their bikes. The plan is to extend this alliance all around Italy during the next months.

The “Safe Riders” project will be implemented in 2020 through the organization of courses held by FIAB experts. The first lessons will take place in the recently inaugurated Glover Center in Milan and Rome and will be related to the main road safety laws, road signs for bikers, basic rules for bike maintenance and the best modalities through which bikes can be carried on public transport vehicles. All participants will receive informative materials and a Safety Kit including a helmet, lights and a bike bell.

This project is another step of our constant commitment to couriers’ safety. We view it as a long-term educational path that aims at prevention, not only as a simple repetition of concepts that we periodically communicate to couriers. We want them to safeguard themselves and the others, by adopting a proper Code of Conduct when they are on the road.