Social Contribution Report 2020

Sébastien Pellion - Head of Social Impact June 6, 2021 · 2 min

For the first time, we are publishing our Social Contribution Report for 2020. Last year, we undertook a large stakeholder consultation in order to assess the importance of a variety of social, economic and environmental topics for Glovo, including climate change, diversity, or health & safety amongst many others. This report lays out Glovo’s policies and goals related to the challenges identified by our stakeholders in this consultation, as well as reporting requirements from the Spanish law related to non-financial reporting. It also highlights the different initiatives we undertook in 2020 to implement these goals, and become the #1 impact-driven delivery platform.

Through this report, you will learn about Glovo’s story from the very beginning, and how we are now driven by our vision to ensure that we “give everyone easy access to anything in their city”. Additionally to learning more about how we intend to ensure the best service for our customers, you will read  about some of the projects we have launched in 2020 to reduce our negative externalities on the Planet, and to maximize our positive impact for our Communities. This includes our strategy to reach carbon neutrality by the end of 2021, our approach to improving the user experience of partners and couriers using the app, or the utilization of our technology and our logistics to deliver essential goods to vulnerable communities.

We think transparency is key to keep growing sustainably and allow for a constructive dialogue between all parties. We aim at making Glovo an exemplary company in terms of environmental, social and governance standards and we will keep publishing this report here every year so everyone can have access to the progress we make regarding our goals.