Solidarity Bubble to Help with Donations for NGOs

April 5, 2020 • 1 minutes

We’re living in a time of great uncertainty due to the global health and economic crisis. At Glovo, we’re motivated by values like Gas and Care, which means we always work animatedly and swiftly to tackle challenges, always taking our impact into account. A pandemic can’t be an exception to this, it’s an opportunity to demonstrate it. So, we decided to create, within the app, a solidarity bubble with different NGO stores.

We approached organisations like TECHO, Banco de Alimentos, Beneficencia de Lima and Pintando Sonrisas. Excited about the idea, we moved forward and developed the project so that users could donate to those who needed it most. When the bubble was activated, more organisations contacted us to get involved.

In the first week, we raised 17,000 soles and numerous food baskets to help people from all over Peru. We’ll keep working, committedly and energetically, to get through this.