#StopCovid19 campaign

Barbara Terrone - Communities Manager IT October 25, 2021 · 2 min

We are always concerned about the health and safety of glovo community: couriers, users and partners. Despite our effort to provide the entire community with up-to-date information, and to distribute to all our couriers masks, gloves and sanitizers, we decided to do more. To guarantee everybody, no matter their nationality or native language, full health and safety, we developed a simple message explaining step by step the precautions to take while using Glovo.

This is how #StopCovid19 campaign was ideated, to support that concern. With the precious support of SINGA’s, an NGO committed to social and labural integration of migrant communities, we translated the message into 8 languages, the most frequent among migrants communities in Italy. The message was shared with some of our glovers that decided to join the campaign and to actively participate producing video-selfies. Our glovers recorded 9 videos in their native languages informing everybody about the safety measures they need to take in: French, Arab, Farsi, Hindi, Urdu, Portugues, Spanish, English and Italian .

The campaign was spread using our internal communications, our blog, the Web of Glovers, and opening a dedicated YouTube channel. Stay tuned, check #StopCovi19 – Glovo on Youtube!

#stopcovid19 campaign on the Web of Glovers

Manuel for Italian


Ble for French


Samson for English


Tiago por Portuguese


Muhammad for Urdu


Antonious for Arab


Gurpreet for Hindi


Antonieta for Spanish


Sahar for Farsi