The Data Revolution: How rich data has shaped our growth

William Benthall July 14, 2023 · 5 minutes

In today’s increasingly digitised world, there’s a massive surge in data creation. For reference, the World Economic Forum estimates that by 2025, humanity will create 463 exabytes of data each day, or the equivalent of 212,765,957 DVDs. 

Organisations now have access to vast amounts of anonymised structured and unstructured data from various sources like social media, distributed operations, and more. Technological advancements, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Big Data analytics, have allowed businesses to process this data in real-time, enabling them to understand consumer behaviour and deliver personalised experiences in an efficient manner. From recommendation algorithms to chatbots, brands have combined the power of data and technology to deliver first-class services.


Becoming a data-driven business 

Since day one, we have embraced the power of data across our teams. Our company is generating and managing a huge number of metrics. By implementing different technologies, our teams are able to leverage data resources to positively impact the day-to-day lives of our valued platform users, both partners and couriers. 

For example: through the combination of Machine-Learning estimators and Glovo’s data, our teams have developed accurate models to predict and anticipate future demand in different regions. These estimators are key components of our operations, as they optimise the efficiency of our marketplace by feeding our smart engine with accurate time estimates. 

Our algorithm analyses data on delivery locations, traffic patterns, and historical delivery times to offer the order to the optimal courier based on the distance between the pickup point, the delivery point and their current location.

This way, we manage to help reduce the distance travelled, improving delivery times and minimising fuel consumption. This not only provides a better experience to couriers that has a positive impact on their earnings, but also helps reduce carbon emissions and environmental impact.


The value of transparency

Our own experience has helped us understand how powerful data can be to solve challenges and make the right decisions. We provide open and accessible data sources for anyone, in any department and at any time, to empower data-based decision-making across Glovo. Through data transparency, we have fostered growth, and as we grow, we want our communities to grow alongside us.

We know we can make a greater impact by working together. At Glovo, we aim to share our greatest asset with local, regional, and national governments. Our data is a powerful source of insights which can uncover unexpected opportunities for our communities, and we want to help drive these insights.


The Glovo Data Portal

The Glovo Data Portal is the first step towards putting our data resources at the service of the community. It aims to provide easy access to a rich source of data and information. Gathered by Glovo, this all-new platform offers an engaging experience through data navigation and storytelling on our vision, story, and impact – fulfilling our stakeholders’ needs for information about the gig-economy. 

We are launching the Data Portal with sustainability data, including the CO2 footprint of delivery and CO2 impact of packaging. As of today, the Portal is already drawing interest among our stakeholders, which has resulted in bespoke projects with public institutions and top-tier universities. We aim to progressively increase the type and amount of data available on the Portal, aligned with the interests of our stakeholders and collaborators. 



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