The Labor Insertion Project

Christina Gama
Christina Gama
July 4, 2023 • 4 minutes

In today’s world, where poverty and social exclusion persist as harsh realities, it is heartening to witness initiatives that strive to make a positive change. In our home country of Spain alone, the Human Rights Watch found that 27.8% of the population was at risk of poverty or social exclusion in the country in 2021, a figure that highlights a profound need for change.

At Glovo, we have consistently strived to use our tech for good and with that, we have embarked on a mission to uplift individuals and give people from underprivileged backgrounds access to job opportunities through The Labor Insertion Project. 

The Labor Insertion Project

Presenting to a group of internship candidates in Malaga, Spain

Presenting to a group of internship candidates in Malaga, Spain

The power of The Labor Insertion Project lies in its ability to break the cycle of poverty. By providing individuals with employment opportunities and essential skills training, we’ve been able to empower participants to transcend their circumstances and build a brighter future for themselves and their families. 

Through this initiative, individuals are gaining financial stability and regaining their sense of dignity and purpose. With the project’s recent achievement of impacting over 100 individuals in Spain, we are witnessing tangible results and real transformations. 

Queralt Vallcorba, who, alongside our CEO and co-founder, Oscar Pierre, made this project a reality says that this initiative has been close to heart since its inception. She goes on to say that, 

“Going the extra mile in terms of social inclusion by giving opportunities to very talented people who are going through very hard situations in life and seeing how the Glovo team gets involved, supports the project and makes it happen, is very cool and makes us very proud of our team.  We’re committed to keep contributing our grain of sand to support these vulnerable collective because we truly believe that’s the right thing to do.”

Since the beginning of the project, after the pilot (12 months), more than 100 people have been impacted by different Labor Insertion’s initiatives – an achievement that we are very proud to celebrate. 

Conducting interviews for candidates at a Red Cross job fair in Barcelona

We’ve hired 43 people coming from very vulnerable conditions, including migrants, refugees from Ukraine, and Sub-Saharan Africa, with 32 of them starting positions at Glovo through an internship or thanks to the DUAL Program, a three-part publicly subsidized project that involves an NGO (REIR), an academy (Sinergia TT), and Glovo micro-fulfilment centers. 

Thanks to this project, 15 candidates have been provided with valuable logistic training, while also working as pickers at Glovo’s MFCs in Spain. The rest of the candidates have been hired directly thanks to NGOs we collaborate with.

Celebrating the Impact on 100 Lives

As we take a moment to celebrate the Glovo Labor Insertion Initiative, we must acknowledge the 100 participants who have been an integral part of this transformative journey. Their commitment and dedication have not only contributed to Glovo’s success but have also uplifted their own lives. 

As far as next steps go, we plan to launch a comprehensive feedback survey later this year to further evaluate and enhance the project’s effectiveness. Looking ahead we envisions the replication of this successful model in other countries in which we operate, seeking to improve the lives of vulnerable communities across the globe. 

Presenting the project to an entity that helps vulnerable collective through trainings and courses for unemployed people

 The Labor Insertion Project, while only just getting started, marks a step towards positively impacting the markets in which we operate and is an example of how we’ve been able to use our tech for good. Through employment opportunities and skills development, Glovo has impacted the lives of over 100 individuals, enabling them to break free from poverty’s grip. With the ongoing commitment to gathering feedback and the vision of expanding this initiative globally, we are fostering hope and creating a brighter future for the most vulnerable members of society.