Glovo's G-Learning Program

The Power of G-Learning

Christina Gama April 27, 2023 · 7 minutes

When Andrey first came to Armenia, he arrived without a job and without a word of Armenian or English in his back pocket. Giving up, however, is not an option for Andrey. He came to this new country to rebuild his life and follow his dreams.

Delivering with Glovo was his opportunity to get to know his new home in Armenia and was his first introduction to a society that was completely foreign to him. In the past, he had served in the Russian army for 7 years. This time, he says, was an unfortunate waste of his youth. 

Today, he’s regained his freedom through delivery and enjoys meeting kind customers face-to-face on a daily basis. While he enjoys delivering, he feels there’s more he wants from life. For him, “being a courier is interesting, yet it is not the end for me. I want to soak up as much information as possible.”

When he heard about the G-Learning program and the e-platform provided by Glovo with free courses for couriers online, he didn’t waste any time and signed up. “What do I have to lose? I can only improve.”

And so, following a busy day at work, he motivated himself to take a series of IT courses. Looking towards the future, Andrey envisions himself working in the IT industry though he admits he still has to get the basics down. 

“It was anything but easy. I was confused, sometimes frustrated. After practicing and practicing everything the teacher showed me in the course, I slowly began to understand it. It was interesting and that motivates me.”

After many hours on the learning platform, he managed to build up a portfolio of IT areas. From bots to an app and database, he has learned the basics through the course. Andrey has managed to lay the foundation for his dream industry.


Self-Improvement that begins with a click 

In true fashion for a tech company, the idea for G-Learning came from surveying couriers across our 25 markets. With each survey received, the feedback became more and more clear, the same few words coming to light with each response: learning, training, and courses appeared in the top 5 opportunities couriers would like to seek.

Under the umbrella of the Courier’s Pledge and funded by Glovo’s Impact Fund, G-Learning was born with the goal of providing courier’s with the opportunity to upskill their knowledge. G-learning is composed of several projects that tackle the same need: helping couriers to upskill.  The tools available to couriers include:

  1. An e-platform with online courses
  2. Busuu a language learning app
  3. The Start Program, a one-week in-person course targeted at couriers who want to start their own businesses, in partnership with Impact Hub.
  4. Local entrepreneurship programs run in various countries depending on local demand. 

Sacha Michaud, Glovo Co-Founder and main sponsor of the G-Learning Project mentions that, “Regardless of the city, the country, or the frequency of collaboration with Glovo, couriers with Glovo should have the opportunity to upskill with different platforms, courses and training that we offer. 

We don’t want them to stay in the same position forever; instead, we want them to use Glovo as a reliable source of income while they look for something they are passionate about or offers more opportunities. This is how G-Learning, an important pillar of the Courier’s Pledge, was born. We wanted to provide several tools for couriers to be able to use as much as they can of their time collaborating with us.

We want couriers to use Glovo as a reliable source of income while looking for something they’re passionate about. We created G-learning to help couriers make the most of their time with us providing them with tools to upskill and be ready for their next professional goal. “


Top of the class 

Today, the most popular courses on our e-learning platform revolve around learning business English, Excel essentials, money management, digital marketing, and even Stress Management. 

Overall couriers find courses very interesting and rate them with 4.5 or above out of 5, meaning their experience is very satisfactory. 

In various countries in Africa like Ghana, Kenya and Nigeria we have even enabled a learning hub at the Courier Center. Here, couriers have access to computers available to login in the e-learning platform and learn using Glovo’s facilities and internet. In this way, we provide different options for couriers interested in pursuing other opportunities.

With regards to the Start Program, a series of courses that have been developed in partnership with Impact Hub, the couriers who choose to take these courses have been motivated to become future business owners. This program has been launched in Spain (Madrid & Barcelona), Georgia (Tbilissi), Ivory Coast (Abidjan), Kazakhstan (Almaty), Serbia (Belgrade), Romania (Bucharest), Italy (Rome & Milan), and Ghana (Accra). 


For many like Andrey, delivering is not a forever job and at Glovo, we don’t believe it should be. That’s why we encourage couriers to take charge of their futures through the opportunity that G-learning provides.