What are Glovo’s Cook Rooms?

Ander Castillo - Global Head of CookRoom
Ander Castillo - Global Head of CookRoom
July 7, 2020 • 1 minutes

Cook Rooms are our delivery-only kitchen initiative. These are spaces equipped with custom-made kitchens that Glovo offers its Partners so that they can solve two big problems associated with restaurants:

  • Opening new locations (for delivery only) in different areas of the city, or in other cities.
  • Avoiding the saturation of restaurants by managing delivery orders through Cook Rooms.

Glovo has more than six Cook Rooms in Spain, Italy, Peru and Argentina, with space for more than 60 Partners on a global scale. As well as helping restaurants expand into new areas, they help improve the way they operate, as they’re designed exclusively with delivery in mind.

Glovo puts all the basic infrastructure and the kitchen managers (staff who are in charge of managing the space and the assignment of orders to couriers) at the Partners’ disposal, whilst Partners only have to bring their chefs, raw materials and specific cooking equipment.