Our commitments

Empower communities in the digital world

At Glovo we want to empower our communities to grow and thrive in the digital world by becoming an exemplary company in terms of our environmental, social and governance standards.

Key areas

We have select­ed our pri­or­i­ty areas based on where we have the most sig­nif­i­cant impact and the biggest oppor­tu­ni­ty to make a positive change for society and the planet.

Local Commerce

Small businesses should be able to thrive through our platform. That’s why we want to safeguard local commerce by becoming an enabler for local enterprises to grow. 

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Glovo has been carbon neutral since 2021. But we’re still accelerating our transition towards environmental sustainability. By boosting sustainable packaging, reducing CO2 emissions from vehicles, and eradicating food waste, we’re becoming more eco-efficient every day.

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Glovo is leading the way in improving couriers’ conditions and providing them with extra benefits to enhance their experience in the app. Connecting to the platform is also a way for couriers to access upskilling and learning opportunities.

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Social Logistics

We’re using our tech for good to reduce hunger in the world. We support NGOs, giving them access to the platform so that essential goods and social meals can reach vulnerable communities by leveraging the food surplus produced by our partner restaurants and supermarkets.

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Diversity and Inclusion

Glovo is set on promoting diversity and inclusion in the tech and delivery industry. Not only are we focused on empowering women to pursue a career in tech: we’re also bringing technology closer to minorities and vulnerable communities.

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Accountability and transparency

By always listening to our stakeholders, we’re aiming to become an exemplary company in terms of our environmental, social and governance standards.

Glovo conducts regular and transparent reports analysing the progress we’re making on sustainability and social goals, and measuring our socio-economic impact.