Corporate Governance

Governance structure

Glovo has representative and transparent governance structure, with the Board of Directors, which comprises representatives of leading investors, including Cathay Innovation, Saya Capital Gestion and Amrest Holding, and receives the assessment of the independent Ethics Committee, the Management Committee, the VPs and every team. Aligning people and promoting ethics and transparency in the organization is the basis for preventing unwanted behavior.

Global Compliance Program

Glovo’s Global Compliance Program is based on three pillars:

  • Corporate responsibility
  • Business relationships
  • Protection of the business

The principal documentation is the Global Code of Ethics and Business Conduct that sets the standard practices of the company.

Commitment to sustainable procurement

Glovo has implemented an obligation in all supplier agreements binding the Glovo’s Standards of Ethics and Business Conduct for Third Parties.

Glovo applies the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) methodology to obtain a social and human rights report from its suppliers, and has implemented also environmental criteria.

Risk Management Program

Our Risk Management Program aims to identify and assess risks (for example, launching new business verticals) and creating action steps to mitigate these risks, in accordance with the Global Compliance Program.