The Couriers Pledge

The Courier’s Pledge is a commitment taken by Glovo to upgrade the benefits and delivery conditions for all couriers using our app, beyond their employment status.  


The Pledge was drafted in collaboration with the Fairwork Foundation. In fact, Glovo’s commitments draw inspiration from the principles and rules established by Fairwork to achieve fairness and guarantee enhanced conditions for gig workers. Guided by WageIndicator’s data on fair earnings and living wages of the countries in which we operate and Qover and Chubb’s insurtech shield, we expect the Pledge to be fully implemented in all Glovo countries by the end of 2023. 

Fair Earnings We guarantee fair and transparent earnings per hour and award regular collaboration.
360º Safety Improving road conditions and delivery safety are our top priority. We implement additional insurance protection.
Equality We listen to and act upon couriers' needs and issues. Glovo fosters open dialogue and transparent communication.
Community We empower couriers to develop their professional skills while ensuring women and minorities are heard.

The Pledge Status

85% Completion Roll-out
15 Glovo Countries with Pledge
40% of Courier Fleet Impacted by Pledge
+5k Couriers benefited by Delivery Guru
Fair Earnings 11% Increase in Earnings per Hour
360º Safety 24% of couriers has access to extra benefits (Parental & Sickness bonus)
Equality +21k Couriers eligible for Pledge benefits
Community 15% of couriers registered to G-learning platform

Auditing Partners

Fairwork Foundation

FairWork Foundation is based at the Oxford Internet Institute and the WZB Berlin Social Science Centre. Through their global network of researchers, they evaluate and rank the working conditions of digital platforms.

Bureau Veritas

Bureau Veritas is a world leader in laboratory testing, inspection and certification services. It will audit the compliance of Glovo with the Pledge’s implementation commitment, while helping us to understand the impact on couriers and their satisfaction with the pledge.