Environmentally conscious company

Conscious of the responsibility we have to manage our greenhouse gas emissions, Glovo has embarked on a long-distance journey to fully eliminate them.

To do so, we have started several projects to reduce our carbon footprint, and to offset the remaining CO2 emissions by buying carbon credits. Since December 2021 we are already neutralizing 100% of our carbon footprint across our entire value chain and throughout all our geographies.

Action pillars for carbon reduction

Switching to renewable energy for our buildings

By 2030 all our installations will run at 100% with renewable energy. Our HQ office in Barcelona is already doing so!

Reducing single-use plastic packaging and cutlery

Through GlovoStore we sell affordable sustainable packaging to businesses, while users have the option to opt-out cutlery in the app.

Electrifying the fleet and optimizing routes

Not only do we negotiate competitive prices with suppliers so that couriers can afford electric vehicles, but we are increasing efficiency in our logistics, in particular through order bundling, as well as negotiating competitive tarifs with mobility companies to improve access to electric vehicles for couriers.

Donating food surplus to NGOs

Businesses can use our last-mile logistics to donate their food leftovers to charities. Glovo is already doing it with its own micro-fulfillment centers and canceled orders!