Local Commerce

Helping local commerce thrive online

Our mission is to safeguard cities’ local commerce. Glovo enables small and medium-sized businesses to harness digitalization and thrive in the digital economy. Because local businesses represent a large proportion of  what we have to offer, we want to catalyze their growth so they can thrive in the digital world.

Local initiatives

Crisis Relief Support

When a crisis impacts our locally-owned small partners, we feel the need to act and help them sustain their businesses. Glovo provides financial assistance for SMEs that have suffered from natural hazards or political conflicts, offering fast help in emergency situations to sustain their business.

Local commerce campaigns

Recognizing the challenges that COVID-19 has brought to our partners, Glovo launched a series of campaigns to incentivize users to order from locally owned businesses. In Spain, we launched a “local commerce” category in the app and partnered with VISA to finance promotions and delivery fees.

Glovo Concepts

Glovo’s virtual food brands are designed to help SMEs grow their business with new food options. It’s a turn-key solution for restaurants in which Glovo curates everything—from the brand name, the menu, ingredients, marketing and training of the kitchen personnel –  offering small restaurants the chance to adapt to the rapidly changing habits of consumers and continue expanding with low risks.

Small businesses online

We are developing several tools to help offline businesses come online. For example, grouping independent stores into single brands so as to increase visibility in the app such as markets, kibandas (traditional street vendors in Kenya) or family-owned pharmacies among others.