Social Logistics

Our platform contributing to social causes

Glovo seeks to fight hunger, improve access to essential goods, and stimulate the digitalization of the third sector. Our goal is for 10% of our orders to have a social purpose.

Glovo helps NGOs digitize their operations and increase their social outreach to vulnerable communities.

556k Solidarity orders
2,857M Meals
214 Projects launched
24 Countries with Glovo Access

Glovo Access

Keeping true to our vision ‘To give everyone easy access to anything in their city’ Glovo has built a tech platform for NGOs to use our delivery services for free, helping them to carry out their solidary work every day while promoting digital transformation in the third sector.

Delivery of solidarity meals with the support of our whole ecosystem of partners

Logistical support in emergency situations through our capilar delivery operations within the city

Solidary Delivery Center

Glovo, in alliance with Fundación Altius, has launched the Solidary Delivery Center (SDC) project to grant access to food for the most vulnerable collectives, leveraging the potential of food surplus and technology.
Food Surplus Collection of food surplus from different players (supermarkets, NGOs, food banks, etc.)
Food Baskets Creation of food baskets in line with the nutritional, physical, and cultural needs of the beneficiaries
Delivery Delivery of food baskets directly to homes of vulnerable people through the Glovo Access platform.

Star Projects

Glovo x Fundación Altius

Glovo works alongside Altius Foundation in Madrid, Valencia, Seville and Barcelona to actively help them fulfill their mission. Altius Foundation makes sure vulnerable people are accompanied all through their job searching process and provided for with basic food and hygienic products. Via Glovo Access, Glovo delivers goods to their different distribution centers and to their beneficiaries since 2020.

Glovo x Kaufland x Vodafone

We have partnered with Kaufland and Vodafone to help the elderly receive their groceries at their homes via Glovo. Vodafone provides a free hotline for them to use to place the orders so that it’s easier for them.

Glovo x Kaufland Social Canteen

Kaufland and Glovo have created the first Social Canteen in Bucharest to provide food for those in need. Cooking the remaining food waste from Kaufland distribution centers and then delivering it to the beneficiaries with Glovo’s last mile logistic service, we’re able to help anyone in the city.

Glovo x Fondazione Ronald McDonald

Ronald McDonald Foundation supports families with sick children in their time of need through their family homes and rooms. Glovo helps them by donating and delivering breakfasts for the kids, their families and Foundation volunteers.