Glovo Delivered 2023: Top Trends

Christina Gama
Christina Gama
December 12, 2023 • 6 minutes

Glovo Delivered 2023 has landed and we’re here to unveil the top trends that shaped the past year. In an age where convenience reigns supreme, our app is there to help make our users’ lives easier than ever before. 

Let’s dive into the raw data as we cut through the noise to reveal the best trends from 2023.

1. Anything is possible 

In the era of anything-at-your-doorstep in 24 hours or less, customers are not only used to speedy order fulfilment, but have come to expect it as the norm. In 2023, with a 54% growth worldwide, the vertical that stood out as the fastest-growing is the one that offers customers easy access to anything (outside of food options)- from flowers to books and yes, even sex toys- in 1 hour or less. Users in South Western Europe have become particularly dependent on this category, claiming the lion’s share of overall growth in the past year at 31%.

With such a wide range of goods available at their fingertips, this vertical stood out as a no-brainer for our customers, which explains the 39% surge in customers placing for orders over the past year, outperforming other categories like Groceries and restaurant Food and showcasing the widespread appeal of our diverse offering. More than just a platform for essentials, Glovo has become a lifestyle curator.

The top three markets steering this trend are Romania, Spain, and Morocco. On the flip side, countries experiencing astronomical growth rates are making headlines – Nigeria (+2,047% orders vs. 2022), Poland (+1,300%), and Montenegro (+392%).

As the app that has pioneered this lifestyle evolution, we continue to lead the charge, making every order a unique and personalized experience for our users

2. Healthy options are on the rise 

In the realm of dietary choices, we’ve strived to offer our customers a wide variety of options that can suit every need and taste by partnering with the best restaurants in every city. As the lines between home and office blur and hybrid working models take over, our insights reveal that healthy options are emerging as the ideal on-the-go lunch solution for those working remotely or at the office.

Our commitment to offering healthier alternatives is reflected in the rising popularity of widely consumed dishes like poke or salads. These nutritious and highly customizable options have experienced a notable increase in consumption by 15% and 26% respectively compared to last year, signaling a growing preference for healthier and more flexible choices among our users. 

By championing a diverse range of health-conscious choices, we aim to provide our users with a convenient and nutritious dining experience, making Glovo the preferred destination for those seeking a perfect blend of taste and well-being in their everyday meals.

3. Convenience Redefined

In 2023, users took the lead in tailoring the when and where of their Glovo experience. Over the past year, we’ve seen orders become more flexible than ever before, marking a shift in consumer habits where convenience trumps all else.

To adapt to constantly changing schedules and busy lifestyles, we’ve observed users taking more advantage of scheduled and pickup orders. Both features have seen special growth in non-food categories, where, for example, scheduled orders have grown by 89% in the retail category and pickup orders have grown by 252% in the pharmacy category.

Orders – in particular from pharmacies – have skyrocketed by 69.9%, constituting a substantial 21% of total non-food orders. Whether adapting to on-the-go routines, users have made the need for efficiency in their day-to-day lives clear as day. 

4. Local flavors bringing us home

Our mission to give everyone easy access to anything in their city wouldn’t be possible without the mom and pop shops and restaurants that not only enrich cities, but as locals champions, provide customers with local flair and flavors.

More and more often, we’ve noticed that consumers around the world are making room for orders with local rather than international flavors. Such is the case of cuisines like Spanish, Armenian or those from different regions of West & East Africa, which have grown by 2,097%, 165% and 61% respectively each in their areas of origin – as an example of dishes, we have seen an average increase in Jollof Rice orders of 110% compared to the previous year in Ghana and Nigeria. 

This trend, which already started to take hold in 2022, is proof that when you can’t make it home to enjoy your favorite meal, Glovo is there to bring familiar flavors right to your doorstep.  

5. Prime Time for Grocery Deliveries 

We’ve given Glovo Prime subscriptions a makeover – which means no more monthly renewals! Now, Glovo users can spice up their lives with quarterly and annual subscription options, while taking advantage of VIP offerings like discounts, waived delivery fees, and access to exclusive content.

As users explore beyond our tasty food options, the Grocery category takes the spotlight among Prime users. With all of those extra perks at their fingertips, it’s no surprise that customers are loving it – in 2023, Grocery orders made up over 22% of all Glovo Prime orders and the most revealing thing is its growth of 51% compared to last year.

This trend highlights users seeking ways to simplify their lives. Beyond just satisfying hunger, Glovo Prime and the popularity of Grocery orders reflect a broader desire for convenience. It’s clear – our users appreciate services that make life a bit easier.

What to Expect in 2024

As we bid farewell to the trends of 2023, the stage is set for another year of innovation and evolution. The data hints at a future where user convenience takes center stage, shaping how, when, and what they order. With the emergence of lifestyle-driven choices, the continued rise of healthy and local flavors, and Glovo Prime options, we aim to becoming a seamless extension of our users’ daily lives in 2024 and beyond. 

As we step into the next chapter, the overarching theme is clear: the pursuit of convenience, variety, and a touch of local flavor is what will define the Glovo experience in the year ahead. Get ready for another year of exciting twists, turns, and trendsetting deliveries!


Glovo Delivered is based on global data pulled from October 2022 through September 2023.