We care. Our support to people in Ukraine.

March 9, 2022 • 5 minutes

Since last month, the world’s attention has been drawn to the attack on Ukraine and its people. We are still watching the situation unfold with disbelief. It’s devastating, and it’s impossible to stay indifferent.  

Our company is a family, and we hate to think of its members as under threat. Since the beginning of the military invasion in Ukraine, we have been trying to find ways to offer our support in the best way possible.

The safety of our employees, couriers and partners has been and remains to be paramount. Which is why we will continue to support those who want to leave the country, and provide a range of valuable support to those who stay. We will continue to monitor events closely to adapt our service and put new measures in place to best support the people of Ukraine.

As a result of what we understand of the situation on the ground in Ukraine, and the struggle its residents face in sourcing medicine and food, we are constantly looking at how we can help improve conditions through increasing our support.

We care – and this is leading us through these difficult times and helping us offer and extend our support to our users, employees, partners and the courier community, as well as to Ukrainian society. 

Following the Russian invasion of Ukraine, some Glovo employees decided to leave the country and some decided to stay. We will continue to support them all regardless. 

We struggle to imagine the ordeal they face; some leaving their homes and for many, their families, and some watching the dramatic scenes unfold in front of them. We will continue to support them and ensure that whatever they need, we will help them get. 



Supporting our Employees  

  • Accommodation, transport support and compensation for those who decided to leave the country.
  • All-in-one psychological support via 24/7 online wellbeing platform iFeel, as well as dedicated group sessions.
  • 3 months’ advance payment of salaries to provide employees with economic means for this emergency situation immediately and help them support their family and relatives.
  • Food packs for employees and those in need are prepared from Glovo’s micro-fulfillment centres (MFCs) and Cook Rooms.
  • The creation of the Glovo Employee Solidarity Fund (employee-to-employee) to support our employees and their families via the Migranodearena.org crowdfunding platform. Any donation made in support will be matched by Glovo.
  • Employees can renounce their monthly complimentary promo codes to donate to the Glovo Employee Solidarity Fund. 
  • The organisation of employee-to-employee support, with those who want to offer transport, accommodation, contact information, etc. able to do so. Just last week, 150 Glovo employees did so, and 15 people have already received support.
  • Using our Glovo Cares volunteering program – for every order delivered by Glovo employees through the month of March, Glovo will donate €15 to Red Cross Ukraine. This has resulted in over €10,000 for Red Cross Ukraine so far, resulting from nearly 700 orders across 14 countries.


Supporting Couriers and Partners in Ukraine

  • Glovo is working to relocate those couriers who want to move from one city to another within Ukraine and further in neighbouring countries wherever possible, in order to continue providing the service and earning money through the app.
  • Glovo has increased earnings for all active couriers, with many volunteering to help the people of Ukraine. They will all be paid for their incredible efforts, providing needed income at this time.
  • Partners’ commission is waived on Glovo orders while delivery fees paid by customers will be donated to a local NGO, Come Back Alive, which looks to support Ukrainian society.
  • Deliveries from pharmacies are free of charge.


Worldwide Support and Donations

Outside of the country, we know there are many people who want to help the plight of those in Ukraine. That is why we’re making it easier for Glovo users to show their support, and to make a difference. We have announced evolved initiatives and financial support to help employees, couriers and partners, as well as Ukrainian refugees and civilians. 

  • Glovo has activated an in-app bubble within individual countries, where users can donate directly to the selected local NGOs. This is currently live in Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova, Romania, Italy and all in partnership with the Red Cross and UNHCR. With plans to activate this service in other countries – Spain, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Croatia and Portugal.
  • The Glovo platform is being used as an essential logistics service for the Ukrainian population, and support is offered to NGOs through Glovo Access. Glovo will be committing €500k to support humanitarian efforts for NGOs, couriers and partners in Ukraine and assistance to refugees. 
  • In neighbouring countries (Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia), we are proactively reaching out to municipalities and NGOs to offer our logistics to support refugees.
  • Couriers who have left Ukraine will be provided with solidarity baskets that include essential items such as food, SIM cards, etc.
  • We will continue to dedicate our office spaces across Europe to the collection of goods that include food, medicines and funds for those in Ukraine. So far, this has led to over €20,000 worth of economic or in-kind donations.

An Ongoing Effort

As much as we wish it were otherwise, unfortunately the impact and consequences of this devastating humanitarian crisis will be long-lasting. But through support and by listening, we can continue to help the most vulnerable and the ones who need it the most. 

We encourage everyone to do what they can, and to show solidarity with the people of Ukraine in these difficult times. We care and we will continue doing what we can to extend our support.