How we Ride

We were born as a start-up with a simple idea

To give everyone easy access anything in their city

Today, Glovo has become an authentic technological link between users, businesses and couriers that has innovated beyond the app.

You can have access to anything in a few minutes thanks to our quick-commerce solution. Our Micro Fulfillment Centers, also known as Glovo Express services, have become top-level storage areas. Restaurants can expand their food offer and increase their orders thanks to access to our Cook Rooms and Glovo Concepts. Being committed to our local-care approach, Glovo is transforming how anyone can get what they need, making our cities more accessible. Everything we do, we do with the same mindset: to become a social game-changer in the technological industry.

Glovo is transforming how anyone can get what they need. We make cities more accessible.

Our pillars

Buying things should be as quick as a flash, accessible and immediate

Circumstances might change in the blink of an eye and shopping shouldn’t be rocket science.

What does Glovo offer users? 

Save time: spend your time on what you love
Comfort and speed: in a blink of an eye
Access anything you want: from food to nappies

Glovo helps restaurants and businesses to grow

Glovo Partners can increase their user base and expand their business to other locations thanks to Glovo’s efforts to digitize and increase their online presence. Through a Partnership Fee, Glovo offers several services such as automatic payment gateways, marketing opportunities, and many other solutions.

We bring offline businesses into the online world with low entry barriers assisting in the digitization of restaurants, supermarkets, bookstores, flower shops among others.

Any store can join us by registering themselves through our website to become partners.

Couriers are key users of the platform

Couriers connect to the app to offer their delivery services to users and businesses. They are able to decide when and where to connect at any time.

Our local Courier Experience teams are dedicated to improving couriers’ in-app experience in every city. They listen to them and understand their needs with the platform on a regular basis.